Preschools in the Pullman Area

Community Childcare Center NE 1410 Stadium Way, Pullman, WA. - (509) 332-7005
Contact: Della Bayly
Montessori School of Pullman NW 115 State Street - Pullman, WA. - (509) 334-4114
Footprints Preschool 1300 SE Sunnymead Way
Pullman, WA. 99163
Contacts: Robin Hendrickson and Kelly Johnson email:
Phone: 509 432-4109
Pullman Family Coop 1630 NE Stadium Way
Pullman, WA. 99163
Contact Carrie Moore 334-6727 email:
Hours: M,W,F 9:30-11:30
Pullman learning Center

The Learning Center TM
NW 115 State St., Suite B10
Pullman, Washington   99163
(509) 334-1234 email:

Early Learning Services 115 NW State St. Pullman, WA. - (509) 332-4420
Hours: M-F 7:30am-5:30pm
Contact: Sue Kreikemeier:
We are a full service child care for all infants and young children, including children with special needs.


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