Pullman Area Wallpaper Pictures
To make these pictures into a Windows screen background,
click on the screen size below the picture that you need to fill.
If you don't know where to go from there, you can follow the directions below the samples.

bryanthu.jpg (24561 bytes)
This is a picture of Bryan Hall in the winter
contributed by Kate Rawlins Sims.
Bryan Hall - Winter 640x480
Bryan Hall - Winter 800x600

On a back road somewhere between Pullman
and the dunes. Contributed by Kelley Masters.
Wheat Field Road 640x480
Wheat Field Road 800x600

This is one of the rare round barns found in this
area. It's about 5mi.east of Pullman and was
built by T.A. Leonard in 1917.
Round Barn 640X480
Round Barn 800X600
WSU as seen from Pullman's Lawson Gardens
This is a Picture of WSU taken from
Lawson Gardens on Pioneer Hill.
WSU-Garden 640x480
WSU-Garden 800x600

This is Buddy our dog (a real celebrity in
the local neighborhood). Not a great
pastoral scene, but lots of fun.
Buddy 640x480
Buddy 800x600

This is a picture of Pullman's artesian fountain. It is a
replica of an artesian well located near this site in
1890. Pullman was once known as the artesian city.
Artesian Fountain 640x480
Artesian Fountain 800x600

This is a picture of Cougar Plaza located at the
entrance to town.  It's a favorite place for
Graduates to have their family pictures taken
Cougar Plaza 640x480
Cougar Plaza 800x600
wallpaper_camusthu.jpg (22907 bytes)
This is a picture donated by Robert and
Susan Rigg.  It is a field of camus flowers
with an apple tree in the background
Camus Field 640x480
Camus Field 800x600
wheat_field_thu.jpg (8556 bytes)
Serene wheat field view on road from
Pullman to Kamiak Butte.
Submitted by Jay Bottemiller
wheat field 640x480
wheat field 800x600

To set these pictures as your wallpaper you'll need to click on the size picture that represents your Windows screen size. Then when it comes up (about a minute - aprox. 100k), click the right button of your mouse when you're anywhere in the picture. If you have Windows 95 all you have to do is click the choice that says "Set As Wallpaper".

If you have Windows 3.1 you'll need to:

I hope these pictures are as enjoyable for you to view as they are for me to provide.

Also, If you have a favorite picture that you took in the Pullman area which you'd like to give away free to the rest of the world, please send me an email. If it meets our strict criteria of "gee, that's really pretty" or "gosh, that's really cute", we'll put it on the site (sorry, no people pictures). I know every grandchild meets the above criteria but we have to draw the line somewhere. Also please try to get it as close to 800 pixels wide as possible (scan at aprox. 165dpi for a 5 inch wide picture)


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